Allegro Information Systems

Consultants for Complex Times

Leadership Consulting

Mentoring and coaching for adaptive, responsive leadership emphasizing transformative, people-centred approaches. We develop leaders and teams to deal with the complex challenges facing communities and businesses today.

Knowledge Acquisition, Translation, and Transfer

From survey design, data collection, and analysis through to reporting and presentation, we assist your team in translating and transferring the knowledge derived from your data. This ensures what you are learning contributes to your mission and is accessible to and benefits your clients and communities.

Project Planning and Management

Drawing on decades of experience and using various methods, we help your team manage its projects from conception through their various stages to completion. Projects that are delivered on time and within budget are not just a dream!

Software Development and Training

We work with you to develop finely crafted custom software solutions to meet your specific needs and ensure you have the technical support and processes necessary for your success. We produce software that is quietly elegant - easy for people to use and with the functions you need. We also optimize existing software solutions and provide training to help your team work effectively with your systems.

Our Commitment

With over three decades of experience, Allegro Information Systems works as part of your team to achieve your desired results. We firmly believe that people come first and that technology must be used wisely to be effective. Our solutions are implemented with people and results in mind.